Thomas McJonack Burke is the first Burke to be found in any record for Marble Hill House, Galway, Ireland.

Thomas McJonack Burke was born in 1650 in Galway to an unknown father and mother. He had one son in 1688. He died in August 1689 at the age of 39.  Thomas McJonack was killed in action.


Thomas McJonack Burke was born in 1650 in Galway, Ireland.

Unknown name for the marriage of Thomas McJonack Burke.

Birth of Son

His son Thomas Burke was born in 1670 Gorteenagapoge, Co Galway, Ireland.


Thomas McJonack Burke served in the military. He fought in the Williamite Wars. The Williamite War in Ireland (1688–1691) (Irish: Cogadh an Dá Rí, “war of the two kings”), was a conflict between Jacobite supporters of deposed monarch James II and Williamite supporters of his successor, William III.


Thomas McJonack Burke died in August 1689 when he was 39 years old. August 1689 killed in action.


Thomas McJonack Burke held lands in Creggeenmore and Gorteenagapoge.

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