Newspaper reports on Burke family from Ireland

Sir Henry George Burke, Baronet, J.P. and D.L. for the County Galway, was
born at Marble Hill in 1859, the second son of the late Sir Thomas Burke, third
baronet (the baronetcy was created in 1799) and some time member for the County
Galway, by Lady Mary Nugent, daughter of the 9th Earl of Westmeath. Sir
Henry was educated at the Oratory School and Trinity College, Dublin, of which he
is a B.A. He succeeded his brother in 1880, and was High Sheriff for Galway
in 1883 and held a commission in the 4th Battalion Connaught Rangers 1881-5.
He is unmarried.

William Anthony Burke, B.L., was born in 1866, the fourth son of Sir Thomas
Burke, Bart., of Marble Hill, in this county. He was educated at Oscott, and
married in 1889 Coralie, daughter of Captain Power Lalor, of Loug Orchard, Co.
Tipperary, called to the Irish Bar in 1890. His wife is a clever writer, the
author of “The Value of Life,” to which Dr. Barry con tributed a preface,
and “Child Study and Education,” prefaced by Rev. Dr. Hogan.

John Butler Burke, M. A., of Cambridge and Dublin, is a well known Physicist
and Biologist. He was born in 1871, son of John Burke, M.D., of Ower,
Headford, in this county, by Victoria, only daughter of Benjamin Burke, of Manila.
He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, of which he is a mathematical
scholar, senior moderator and gold medalist. He graduated in 1900? In Research as
an advanced student of Trinity College, Cambridge; some time lecturer at
Mason’s College, Birmingham, and a Berkeley. Fellow of Owens College, Manchester.
Since 1905 he has written and lectured on his experiments at the Cavendish
Laboratory, Cambridge, and his book, “The Origin of Life” (published in 1906)
which has attained a world-wide circulation, supplies new evidence to support
the theory as old as Aristotle that the living was at one time produce from the
non-living, a theory which, in Mr. Butler Burke’s opinion, if established,
need offer to the straightest orthodoxy no apprehension.

We deeply regret to record the death at her residence in London of Mrs. John
Burke at the advanced age of 86 years. The sad event occurred last week.
Deceased was a native of Tuam, her father being Mr. Jackson, organist of St.
Mary’s Cathedral, one of the most respected inhabitants of this old town in his
day. He died here universally esteemed and regretted. Miss Jackson married Mr.
John Burke, also a Tuam man, and one of its old stock and most respected
families. Leaving Ireland some fifty years ago they settled in London where Mr.
Burke, by his talents, industry and great intelligence, soon won for himself a
high place in the commercial world. He established a now well known firm of
accountants, and it is now being run most successfully by his only son, John
Nugent Burke, Esq.

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Henry Burke, merchant, Claremorris,
which occurred at his residence, Church street, on Monday evening, after a
protracted illness. On Wednesday morning at 10:20 o’clock Solemn Requiem Mass was
celebrated, the celebrant being Rev. J. Tuffy, C.C.

Source Material: THE TUAM HERALD, SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1909

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