When John Burke was born in 1713 in Galway, his father, John, was 23 and his mother, Fionnula, was 23. He had one son with Mary Carroll in 1742. He died in 1793 in Ireland.


John Burke was born in 1713 in Galway to Fionnula Maughan, age 23, and John Burke, age 23.

Birth of Son

His son, Sir Thomas was born in 1742 Marble Hill, Galway.


John Burke married Mary Carroll, daughter of Michael Carroll, on 16 January 1747/48, daughter of Michael Carroll.

Death of Father

His father, John Burke passed away in 1756 Marble Hill, Galway.

Death of Mother

His mother Fionnula passed away in 1768 at the age of 78.


John Burke died in 1793 in Ireland when he was 80 years old.

He lived at Grallough. He renamed Creggeen Marble Hill, which is known as Marblehill (without a space) and also as Marble Hill to this present day.

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