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Will of Sir John Burke of Marble Hill Galway

Burke of Ireland will and testiment
Sir John Burke will The will of Sir John Burke of Marble Hill, County Galway, Ireland is now available from the UK national archives website here 1 file approximately 0.5 MB in download size You can view this digitised record at The National Archives. . Wills and Letters of Administration PROB 11/2064 - Volume number: 17 Quire numbers: 801-850 PROB 11/2064/245 - Will of Sir John...

Early Celts

celts Ireland
Who were the early Celts? Modern historians are now starting to form the conclusion that there was never a race of people called the Celts. What the Celtic Peoples were in fact a collection of tribes, rather war like tribes who united at times to fight the common enemy which was 2000 years ago Rome. I will continue to call...

Ireland Prehistory

Ireland's prehistory past
Ireland's Ancient Prehistory Past Ireland Prehistory is the part of the past before written records were kept. History is notoriously written by the victor and therefore always gives a bias version of events. However written accounts give more verifiable information than the other evidence (articles and monuments). That's the problem with prehistory in there is no written proof a lot...

Gunnera manicata

Gunnera Manicata Growing At Marble Hill Just down the lane and round the corner from the main house there is an almost prehistoric looking plant that raises its head in the spring growing to nearly 3 metres high in the summer, spreading across nearly 4 metres. This is the magnificent Gunnera or to give it its more common name Chilean...

Old Irish Postcards 1800’s Nostalgic Past

oh paddy dear Irish
Old Postcards Ireland Here is a small collection of Old Irish Postcards that you can view or  save. Old Irish Postcards Old Irish jaunting car, an old Irish spinner woman, a person occupied in making thread by spinning and a Irish peasant farmer smoking pipe, 1890s. Galway Ireland. Nostalgic postcards take us back in time to an Ireland of old

Survey Of The Megalithic Tombs Marblehill

Megalithic Tombs Marblehill, CountyGalway Ireland
Survey Of The Megalithic Tombs Marblehill This survey gives the exact dimensions of the tombs that are found today on the townland of Marblehill. 26. Marblehill. O.S. 125: 6: 2 (35-8 cm. 38-2 cm.). "Cromlech." O.D. 400-500. M 688 041. Fig. 11. Plate 8. Portal-tomb The three tombs in Marblehill demesne, Ga. 26, Ga. 27 and Ga. 28, are situated on rolling land about ...


Irish Kingdom of the Osraige
Osraige (Ossory) Osraige, also known as Osraighe or Ossory (modern Irish: Osraí), was a medieval Irish kingdom ... In the early 12th century, dynastic infighting fragmented the kingdom, and it was re-adjoined to Leinster. The ancient Kingdom of the Osraige, an early Erainn tribe whose first king was Aengus Osrithe, flourished in the second century of the Christian era. In...


Laigin (Leinster) The ancient province of Laigin derives its name from the Laigain people who were among the earlier inhabitants of the area. The Laigin, modern spelling Laighin were a population group of early Ireland. They gave their name to the province of LeinsterIncluded among the early peoples were the Cauci, Manapii, Coriondi, Brigantes, Domninii and Usdiae. By the 5th century...


Glasraighe Tribes Ballymachugh is one of the three parishes of the diocese situated in County Cavan. It lies along Lough Sheelin and in it the Diocese (Ardagh and Clonmacnoise) reaches its most easterly point about half a mile from Mountnugent. After the definite establishment of the Diocese of the Ui Briuin, or Kilmore, this parish remained attached to Ardagh because...


The Picts
The Picts The picts are a northern european tribe. The Romans called this pre-Celtic people Pictii, or "Painted," who (as claimed by many historians), actually tattooed their bodies with designs. To the non-Roman Celtic world of Scots and Irish and the many tribes of Belgic England and Wales they were known as "Cruithni" and for many centuries they represented the...