Is anyone familiar with this part of Ireland? In 1851 a Sir Thomas Burke was
named as a referee for one of my relatives whose passage to Australia was being
sponsored by his brother already in Australia.

The address of Sir Thomas Burke was given as Marble Hill, Loughrea. I have the
notes on Woodford, Loughrea and the civil parish of Ballynakill from Simon
LEWIS’S Topographical Index. While in the library I did not check for any
listing of Marble Hill. In the notes on Woodford and the civil parish of
Ballynakill there are several references to Marble Hill. It was the seat of Sir
John Burke. There are also descriptions of the residence of Marble Hill,
formerly Gortenacuppogue.

The part which puzzles me is why the address was given as Marble Hill, Loughrea,
since it appears that there was a “receiving house for letters” at Woodford.
Were letters delivered to the town of Loughrea and then dispatched to Woodford?

Does the residence of Marble Hill still exist and would it have been located on
the Townland of Marble Hill? I have found this townland on a townland map. My
ancestors’ townland is just near this Marble Hill townland, hence my interest.

If anyone knows anything about this part of Ireland I would be most pleased to
hear from them.

Sydney Australia

(information request reprint)

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